Union High School is composed of grades 9-12. Required courses in mathematics, English, science, social studies, business education, and technology are offered. In addition, we offer elective courses in art, music, theatre, foreign language, oral communication, health and physical education. Accelerated courses are available in all major subject areas. This strong curriculum encourages students to achieve academically, and students are recognized for outstanding achievement. We believe that Union High School provides a strong foundation for success.

In addition to a strong academic program, Union High School offers a variety of extracurricular activities. Athletic programs include the following: Football, Softball, Cross Country, Track, Basketball, Tennis, Baseball, Golf, and Powerlifting. We also offer Choral Music and Band. Our Band is recognized throughout the state as being a superior program; in fact, the UHS Pride of Union Marching Band won the State 2A Marching Band Championship for the 2009-2010 school year. Furthermore, club organizations at Union High School encourage students to become involved in school and community service. Some of the clubs available to students at UHS include Student Council, Beta, FBLA, FCA, Drama, and Math and Science.

Union High School's faculty is committed to providing a structural and well-disciplined environment in which optimum learning takes place. A dedication to excellence and the combined efforts of students, faculty, parents, and community truly make Union High School one of the best High Schools in the State of Mississippi.


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